Reflex Nutrition


Reflex Nutrition was started in 1996 by James Phillips with the sole aim of producing the finest supplements available; in our eyes that means perfection with no equal. To achieve perfection is extremely challenging and it is a word that cannot be casually used unless it is supported in the real world. In our industry perfection requires both intimate knowledge of the nutraceutical world and exacting manufacturing standards. Reflex Nutrition’s sheer determination to lead the market in both innovation and quality resulted in the design and manufacture of the Reflex Science Park on the outskirts of Brighton. The two acre site provides exceptional manufacturing facilities for the production of the following full range of extremely high quality sports nutrition supplements;

Protein Powders, the world‘s best, highest protein content, proven in the lab.

Reflex Nutrition’s range of protein powders are world class. Instant Whey is the world’s leading 5lb whey protein powder; it’s the only whey protein powder to contain a minimum of 80% protein across all flavours, in addition it’s made using 100% Green Renewable Energy, lab tested for protein and much more. Reflex also make Micro Whey derived from 100% whey protein isolate delivering a massive 88% protein across all flavours, this is perhaps the most potent whey protein product in the world today.  Muscle & Strength, utilising the world’s best creatine, the finest ingredients, guaranteed.

Perfection means no compromise which is why we partnered with the World’s best creatine manufacturer well over a decade ago. Creapure® is the world’s purest and most proven creatine, it’s also the only creatine with a record of proven safety. Reflex’s bestselling product in this range is One Stop XTREME, a complete all in one bodybuilding solution that relies on the exclusive use of Creapure Creatine. Our weight gainers were the first in the world to contain a unique blend of low GI carbohydrates, oats and barley, in preference to high GI carbohydrates like dextrose. Each product designed in this category, like all Reflex products, is best in class. 

Energy & Endurance, taking performance to The Edge® of perfection.

The energy market is highly competitive with a number of very good products, but none appear to be perfect in our opinion. We have addressed weaknesses that existing products have and developed what we believe to be perfection. The Edge®, it’s our ultimate energy drink made without compromise that covers every angle and delivers where other energy drinks fail. The Edge® delivers dual action carbohydrates in perfect balance with a complete range of electrolytes and not just sodium/potassium. Added whey protein isolate, anti-oxidants and pro-biotics complete the package. See the complete Energy and Endurance range.

Weight Management, want achieve a perfect body?

Reflex Nutrition has been developing and manufacturing weight management solutions since 1996, a considerable amount of time allowing a very thorough understanding of what really works and what doesn’t. We do not make “fad” products. You will only find a range of products with robust scientific support for each and every ingredient used. For example, our Reflex Diet Protein powder is both market leading in terms of protein content and the dosage of key ingredients, it also happen to taste truly fantastic. Diet MRP® is another example, a complete meal replacement that does not compromise on nutrition content or taste. 

Vitality, the perfect range of Multivitamins, Omega 3 fats, anti-oxidants and more.

Perfect sports nutrition is nothing without covering the essentials. As we see it that means starting with a healthy diet and supporting it with a very high quality multivitamin to help bolster any shortfalls in a diet. Nexgen® is our answer, it’s a range of two multivitamin products that use only the finest most bioavailable ingredients in dosages that are meaningful. You will find exclusive use of vitamins like vitamin K2-MK7, Delta-Tocotrienols, chelated minerals, biologically active high dose vitamin D and more.

Full Money Back Guarantee, perfect for you or your money back.

Reflex Nutrition is fully committed to the range of sports nutrition products that we manufacture and we are convinced that the best way to illustrate our confidence in our range is to offer an unconditional guarantee. Use any Reflex product and if it does not meet your expectations for any reason, please return it.