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Muscle Elements (Me) was developed by a group of industry veterans with extensive experience within the Sports Nutrition Industry. The members of Muscle Elements possess specialized knowledge in the fields of Marketing, Research & Development, Ingredient Sourcing and Manufacturing, and Domestic and International sales. The fitness and sports nutrition industry has always been a passion of ours which drove each of us to pursue a career in the field. Our dedication comes from the motivation and desire to create products that will Build a Better You with Me™.


Our vision is to constantly push the envelope of innovation in order to develop products that the consumer will be able to rely on for achieving their goals. By progressively expanding our research on the science of supplementation, Me™ will seek to create new categories and redefine existing ones. Not satisfied with simply following industry trends, Muscle Elements has developed an innovative lineup of products that will transform their respective categories as well as your performance and physique. Whether a competitive athlete, cross-fitter or fitness enthusiast, you have a supplement company that will work just as hard as you.


Muscle Elements refuses to follow suit and print our brand on products that are formulated with a profit first, quality second mentality. Our main objective is to produce transparent product formulas with properly dosed ingredients. Every product will be built with all of the ELEMENTS necessary to deliver the results you expect and we promise. We are determined to earn the loyalty of consumers by continuously delivering on our promise. Building a Better You with Me™ is more than just our motto, it’s our mission.